Engine Temperature Reduction Solutions
For Track Cars

Great product, protects and performs, a must have for those looking for that extra edge in performance!

Steven Scobbie

Heat is vital for engines to work, but too much heat can cause permanent damage or performance losses. In track cars, performance loss is not an option.

Ceramic coatings have been proven engine temperature solutions through Formula 1, BTCC, NASCAR and other high levels of motorsport for decades, where these coatings have thermal barrier content and provide heat management to areas within the engine and exhaust components.

More recently Performance 1 Coatings have been used in the British Touring Cars to:

  • reduce air intake temperatures
  • protect from wear and corrosion, rust and degradation

These polymer ceramic coatings are between 30 and 50 microns, so add minimal weight and thickness to any application areas, aiding towards the lightweight ambitions of Motorsport.

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