This exhaust tailpipe was coated with the heat-resistant Performance 1 ceramic exhaust coating in Electric Blue.

We can ceramic coat all the tail pipes from all the brands you can think of. Even at the end of the exhaust, tail pipes can still be hot. Our ceramic coatings offer a reduction on the temperature surface and at the same time, they give a second life to this (sometimes) ignored part of the cars.

Not to be mistaken with a simple paint, our ceramic coatings have ceramic as base and this one is the key ingredient to act as a thermal barrier. It is the ceramic natural properties that give the strength and power to reduce the surface temperatures.

Usually applied on the manifolds, the ceramic coating can be used at any point of the exhaust, from the manifolds to the downpipes, silencers and even tail pipes.
If you are not sure about the benefits you might get from ceramic coating your exhaust system, contact one of our technicians on the link below.

With an Electric Blue finish, our ceramic coating can match your car body paint and/or wheels colour scheme.

Stand out of the crowd. Make your car unique.

Performance 1 Coatings offers a full range of ceramic coating colours. Contact us for more details.