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Ceramic Coating Solutions 

Performance 1 Ceramic Coatings are an ultra-thin, smooth and long-lasting finish to a ceramic coating option. 

These thermal barriers are effective up to 1050°C and offer up to 15% surface temperature reductions, as well as an array of colour options to choose from including satin black, volcanic black, deep black, silver, gold, titanium and tungsten.  

Most ceramic coatings are applied to car and motorbike exhaust systems as heat control technology.  Ceramic is an excellent thermal barrier due to its low heat conductivity, where ceramic coatings do not absorb heat as easily as metal.  Amongst beneficiaries of ceramic coatings include; motorsport teams, the military and defence industry, the aerospace industry and original equipment manufacturers. 

Ceramic Coatings for OEMsCeramic Coatings for OEMs

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