Ceramic Coating Exhaust for Cars

Ceramic coating exhaust components for cars can enhance aesthetics as well as increase performance…

Ceramic coatings are typically used to control heat in exhaust systems, however, can be applied to any areas that are experiencing heat issues; our products can be applied to most metals and plastics.  The high-temperature insulation offered by ceramic coating is an effective thermal barrier, controlling heat loss from car exhaust systems and keeping exhaust and inlet manifolds cooler.  Lower temperatures means higher performance! 

ceramic coating exhaust

Giving You –  The Ultimate Protection

Ceramic Coating Exhaust Solutions For…

Our ceramic coating exhaust solutions are suitable for application on:

  • Exhaust Manifold

  • Inlet Manifold

  • Turbo Housing

  • Brake Discs and Drums

  • Radiators and Oil Coolers

  • Gearbox and Transmission Cases

  • Wheels

  • Cam Covers and Rocker Covers

  • Any other areas affected by heat.

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