Performance 1 Ceramic Coating UK: Guaranteed Best Price and Performance

Performance 1 Coatings specialises in high temperature ceramic exhaust coatings for car and motorcycle exhaust systems and performance parts. Patented ceramic coating technology used by UK motorsport and defence industries is now available to OEM and individual end users at great prices. Performance 1 Coatings can be applied to new or used parts and come in a range of ceramic coating colours. P1 Coatings supplies only the highest quality ceramic exhaust coatings, providing a one-year warranty with all ceramic coatings.

ceramic coating applied on a motorcycle's exhaust system
ceramic coating on a turbo housing
ceramic coating on exhaust manifold and turbo housing

About Performance 1 Ceramic Coating Products and Applications

Performance 1 ceramic coatings are polymer ceramic coatings, expertly applied to a pre-prepared surface. Our genuine ceramic coatings look good and control heat effectively. Performance 1’s highly durable specialist ceramic coating adhere to a variety of materials including stainless steel, aluminium, carbon fibre and most plastics, with a wide range of colours and finishes available.

High temperature ceramic coatings are used on many parts, including car and motorcycle exhaust manifolds, downpipes and headers, inlet manifolds and full motorcycle exhaust systems can be ceramic coated, as well as car exhaust tailpipes.

Car and Motorcycle Ceramic Exhaust Coatings

Ceramic coating of exhaust systems – the hottest part of a car or motorbike – reduces surface temperature by as much as one third. This significantly reduces engine temperature and keeps intake temperatures cooler, which means more power. Hot exhaust gas moves faster, so insulating the exhaust system with ceramic coating will increase power. No serious motorsport competitor or racing team prepares a car or bike without ceramic exhaust coating, or coating other high temperature parts.

Custom Ceramic Coating Colours including Satin Black

Performance 1 ceramic coatings colour range including white ceramic, gold and satin black allows owners to customise their car or motorbike for a truly bespoke aesthetic. For classic cars and motorbikes, protective ceramic exhaust coating improves looks and helps prevent heat-related failures such as fuel evaporation, thanks to lower engine bay temperatures. Performance 1 Coatings offers internal and external ceramic coatings for maximum performance gains.

What Car and Motorbike Parts for Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coatings are commonly applied to exhaust manifolds, motorbike exhaust systems, exhaust headers, turbocharger housings and exhaust downpipes, heat shields and intake pipes and tailpipes. Performance 1 Coatings also ceramic coat brake parts, engine cases and most engine bay components.

Performance 1 Coatings offers the best ceramic coating prices in the UK, either for ceramic coating motorcycle exhausts or ceramic coating exhaust manifolds. The improvements on the heat management and on the performance are some of the benefits, along with corrosion prevention and improved aesthetics. To get your exhaust manifold ceramic coating performed by us, just contact us detailing your needs and which parts you’d like ceramic coated and we will get in touch with you.

Performance 1 ceramic coatings help resist abrasion/wear and chemicals, increasing durability and strength. The finish can be applied to metal, plastic, polymers and wood. Every ceramic coating process is done to the highest standards, following a deep clean of the parts to be treated. Our ceramic exhaust coating will be protecting your motorbike exhaust pipes for years to come!

Ceramic Exhaust Coating News: Car and Motorcycle Projects

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Performance 1 Coatings is a member of SMMT

Performance 1 Coatings is an accredited member of SMMT.