Suitable for Motorsport use Volcanic Range are the best ceramic coatings.

Motorsport suitable

The Volcanic range ceramic coatings are good for temperatures in excess of 1,000ºC

Used by Motorsports teams

Either for Motorsport use or road use, these coatings offer you the best thermal barrier coating.

Up to 15% of heat reduction

Maintain your engine bay looking aesthetically pleasing.

Reduce the under bonnet temperatures

The Volcanic range offers a smooth finish, and it passed hardness test results for OEM standards.

Engine bay beautification

Our polymer ceramic coatings offer a clean and smooth look.

Don't compromise on the looks

Conceived for its thermal barrier benefits, our ceramic coatings also offer a clean and smooth finish.
Volcanic Range ceramic coating
Volcanic Range ceramic coating

  • Long lasting ceramic coatings

Performance 1 Coatings is an innovative company that thrives to deliver the best solution to our customers. We have developed a new ceramic coating within our Volcanic Range, which enables our clients to choose between three different finishes: Volcanic Black, Volcanic Silver and Volcanic Gold.

Due to an increase demand, we are now able to include within our Volcanic Range a Gold finish. This finish has been exhaustively tested to be able to meet OEM standard requirements and can be used on any part of the exhaust system. Different from the Gold colour on the Standard range (suitable for applications up to 650°C), the new Volcanic finish can be used on fast road cars, Motorsport and on race exhausts as they are suitable in excess of 1,000°c. This coating has already proven successful with premium exhaust suppliers adding this to their range. The coating offers a proven thermal barrier, which assists in reducing the engine bay temperatures, corrosion resistance and improved looks in and around the engine bay.

Benefits of our Performance ceramic coatings

Our Volcanic range of performance coatings offer our customers significant heat reduction. This relates to better performance. When it comes to performance, every bit counts. Our high performance coatings offer an increased performance by reducing the under bonnet temperatures, which leads to an improved thermal efficiency, which ultimately, can lead to an increase in horsepower.

All of these benefits are paired with the aesthetics of the exhaust system. Instead of a chromed exhaust finish that changes colour with time, you can have an engine bay aesthetically pleasing, with the exhaust system gaining a new life.

Our high performance coatings fulfil OEM testing standards and are applied via a very precise application, achieving the best quality possible. As part of our process, we prepare the surface of each part prior to applying the high performance coatings. The ceramic coating is then applied and it goes through a curing process while inspection standards are followed in order to achieve our high pass standards. Finally, each part is individually packaged and dispatched to the customer. This process takes up to 10 working days to complete.

  • Temperature Reduction — Up to 15% surface temperature reduction.
  • Suitable for cars exhaust manifolds.
  • Suitable for motorcycle exhaust systems.
  • Turnaround times — 10 working days.
  • ISO 9001 Accreditation – Up to OEM standards.
Volcanic Range ceramic coating Volcanic Range ceramic coating

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User Reviews

Best customer service I have received in a very long time, and first class work. Highly recommend.
Martin Elswood
I recently had a set of headers and silencer coated for my 2004 ZX9R. Although on first pass attempt there were issues with coating thickness which caused the coating to flake when exposed to heat, Performance 1 Coatings customer service was A1 and the error was quickly rectified.
I was kindly given a report from a member of staff in charge of quality stating corrective actions that the company have taken to insure this issue wouldn’t occur in the future, again proving their excellence in both quality and customer service.
I am happy report that on second pass at the optimum coating dft that the product performed well and looks excellent.
Would definitely use again.
Steven Scobbie
Just got back my Turbo, Housing, Manifold and Elbow… Coated in Volcanic Black. Very happy with service from start to finish will use again and recommend people to use too. Cheers
Richard Tiller

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