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Since 2014 Performance 1 Coatings has been applying high performance ceramic coatings to exhaust manifolds for cars, exhaust systems for motorcycles, turbo housings for fast cars, engine cases, expansion chambers for scooters and even RC cars. We also offer services for brake calipers and a whole lot more.

Performance 1 Coatings has an extensive experience with high performance ceramic coatings: our technicians are the best on the industry and they have regular training to be up to date with the latest techniques and products. Performance 1 Coatings has a number of contracts with OEM’s, to whom it produces high performance ceramic coatings for motorcycle exhausts; exhaust manufacturers to offer a ceramic coating offer and, of course, our retail customers.

In this page you can read testimonials from previous customers who had their exhaust coated, and check photos that happy customers have sent to us. Our best-seller is our Volcanic range, which is a polymer ceramic coating that is thermally stable to temperatures up to 1,050ºC. This high performance ceramic coating can be used on the road or also on Motorsport. It is available in Black or in Silver.

For a road use, or just to prevent corrosion and improve looks, you can select one of our Standard Range options. This coatings will protect your parts from road debris, salt, and corrosion.

The benefits of high performance ceramic coating headers and exhaust systems is reducing the lost heat, especially on the bends and curves where heat can concentrate at can thermally degrade the metal over time. These specific spots are prone to develop holes as exhaust gases erode the inner substrate. By ceramic coating the exhaust system, you’re protecting the metal and increase the lifespan of the exhaust.
On turbo components the thermal cycle process can make your turbo hot side glowing red. Over time this can weaken the housing metal. Performance 1 Coatings high heat ceramic coating provides protection, keeping the heat on the inside of the system.

To get a quote for your system, please let us know your needs and we will advise you on the best solution.To learn everything about ceramic coatings

So happy with my parts you have done for me in Volcanic Black….
Can’t wait to get them fitted on the car…
Richard Tiller
This is the one you want!
I tried some competitors and got disappointed.
Performance 1 is easy to clean and have a professional look.
Joe Ferreira
Tidy job on the manifold, cheers!
George Simpson
Epic service again front the performance 1 coatings team …. Just fitted my ls3 headers!
Nathan Flinton
Another top job by the guys at Performance 1 Coatings.
Gordon Bain
Was going to post some pics once the car was finished but its taking a while, so here’s a few for now, great customer service from the guys here and a very quick turn around to, new exactly what I wanted and advised me the best possible option to go for.
Lee Tucker