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Ceramic coating manifold by Performance 1 Coatings UK

Discover our ceramic coating ranges

When you choose to ceramic coating the manifold, sometimes, Satin Black is not enough.
Choose from a range of bright ceramic colours for high temperature coatings of exhaust manifolds, headers, brake calipers, turbocharger housings and many other car and motorcycle parts to suit your vehicle.

Our range of ceramic coatings includes colours like Racing Green, Striking Orange, Vibrant Red and Vivid Purple.
We also offer the full range of metallic shades in our ceramic colours range including Brushed Silver, Gloss Black, Satin Black, Deep Black and even Gold.

Contact us to discuss the ceramic coating manifold for your car in our ceramic colours: anything is possible with Performance 1 Coatings.

Standard Range

Performance 1’s Standard Range is comprised of six ceramic colours.
Satin Black is the most popular finish, a long-time favourite of classic car enthusiasts and motorcycle exhaust ceramic coating customers.
Also in the range are Brushed Silver, Gold, Deep Black, Titanium and Tungsten Grey.
These high quality finishes are suitable for applications up to 650°C and are designed for under bonnet and external use.

Colour Range

The Performance 1 Colour Range offers colours from Bright Orange through to a Deep Green.
Specific colours may be possible – contact us to discuss.
Our Colour Range of ceramic coatings is suitable for applications up to 425°C designed for under bonnet and external use.

Volcanic Range (Motorsport Use)

Our Volcanic Range offers high performance coatings in Volcanic Black, Volcanic Silver and Volcanic Gold finishes.
As our highest quality product, this ceramic coating manifold is suitable for temperatures of up to 1,050°C and is the favourite of racing teams, the motorsport industry and all higher temperature environments.

Across all three of our ceramic coating product ranges, we offer the option to coat the internal walls of your system as an add-on feature.
This coating is a ceramic resin developed to help protect the metals and act as a thermal barrier.
The best ceramic coating manifold to keep the temperatures down on your bonnet.
We offer a 5-7 working day turnaround for our standard ceramic finishes and can provide an express priority ceramic coating service when time is critical.

Standard Ceramic Coating Colours from Performance 1 Coatings

High Temperature Ceramic exhaust Coating in Vibrant Red on Tailpipes

Vibrant Red

High Temperature Ceramic exhaust Coating in Vivid Purple on Tailpipes

Vivid Purple

High Temperature Ceramic exhaust Coating in Green on Tailpipes

Racing Green

High Temperature Ceramic exhaust Coating in Striking Orange on Tailpipes

Striking Orange

High Temperature Ceramic exhaust Coating in Volcanic Black on Intercooler Pipes

Volcanic Black