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Ceramic Coatings for everybody

Ceramic Coatings car parts: How and Why it Works

Ceramic coatings is typically used to control heat in car and motorcycle exhaust systems. The high temperature insulation offered by ceramic coatings is an effective thermal barrier, controlling heat loss from car exhaust systems and keeping exhaust and inlet manifolds cooler. Lower temperatures mean higher performance: it’s a no-brainer.

Most ceramic coatings are applied to car exhaust systems, as high temp ceramic coating heat control technology is an excellent thermal barrier due to low heat conductivity: ceramic coatings do not absorb heat as easily as metal. Racing teams and the military/defence industry pioneered the use of ceramic coatings technology to reduce heat, and now car and motorbike owners have access to Performance 1 Ceramic Coatings at a fraction of ceramic coating prices once charged for this proven performance enhancement.

When exhaust systems are insulated by ceramic exhaust coatings, less exhaust gas heat is transferred into the exhaust pipes so the gas stays hotter. High temperature exhaust gas flows much faster through the ceramic coated exhaust system, so more power is produced by the engine. A cooler exhaust manifold with ceramic coatings means lower intake air temperatures, so more fuel/air mixture can enter the engine. Ceramic coating is now standard in all high performance applications including Formula 1, MotoGP racing motorbikes and military jet aircraft.

What Car Parts can be Ceramic Coated?

Performance 1 Coatings applies high performance ceramic coatings to all car engines and exhaust system components. We offer a range of ceramic coating colours and finishes, including our brand new white ceramic coat finish. Contact us to enquire about the white ceramic coating.

Performance 1 Coatings can handle exhaust manifold and exhaust system ceramic coating, inlet manifold or turbo housing ceramic, brake caliper refurb including ceramic coating, brake discs and drums, ceramic coated radiators and oil coolers, differential casing, gearbox and transmission cases, ceramic coat alloy wheels, ceramic coat bike frames, engine cases, motorcycle heat shields, cam covers, rocker covers, inlet manifolds, exhaust down pipes and and most other parts from the engine bay.
If you want something else coated, give us a call and we’ll help if we can.

Performance 1 can arrange collection, ceramic coating and return of exhaust manifolds, exhaust headers, turbocharger housings and tail pipes. Send us your standard exhaust component and we return it with a high heat resistant ceramic coating in the colour of your choice. Our ceramic car exhaust coatings withstand extremely high exhaust gas temperatures, protecting the underlying metal and improving performance while all the time looking beautiful.

Ceramic Coating Exhaust Manifold and Exhaust System

Performance 1 Coatings can also ceramic coat exhaust system internal surfaces. Internal exhaust coating combines with external coating to enhance thermal barrier and protect the molecular metal structure from within. Internal ceramic coating is applied in liquid form ensuring coverage throughout all parts.

Ceramic coating improves the performance and reliability of your vehicle. Ceramic coating benefits include:

Engine Bay

  • Increased engine power
  • Lower exhaust temperatures
  • Protection for thermally sensitive components
  • Lower engine bay temperatures
  • Reduced heat soak into the cabin
  • Rapid cooling qualities
  • Improved looks

Exhaust system

  • Improved looks
  • Reduced heat loss
  • Better resistance to the elements
  • Gases will flow better through the system
  • Increased engine performance
  • Protection from rust
  • Wide range of colours to choose from

If you live in the UK and you want any further products coated, please call our team to discuss any additional requirements.

Ceramic coatings on an exhaust manifold
Ceramic coatings applied on a tailpipe with our Volcanic Black
Exhaust manifold with ceramic coatings applied in black
ceramic coatings of an inlet manifold for a Porsche