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Ceramic Coating Exhaust Benefits

Why get your ceramic coating exhaust done by us

Ceramic coating exhaust is a clever way of getting a few more horse power from your ride. Ceramic coatings are typically used on exhaust components to reduce temperatures. Never the less, their use is not only limited to exhaust systems, but also they can be applied whenever you need to reduce the surface temperature of a part.
Ceramic coating exhaust leads to a very low heat transfer coefficient which means they do not absorb heat efficiently which makes them an excellent thermal barrier. This is why headers are commonly coated with ceramic coating to keep under hood temperatures low or, even if you’re on a bike, the same principle applies.
As a result of retaining the heat within the exhaust gas instead of transferring it through the pipes is an increase in power. This happens because the exhaust gases stay hotter longer which allows them to leave the vehicle at higher velocities.
Inside the pipes, if the gases are hotter because the ceramic coating doesn’t allow them to evaporate through the pipes, they’ll run faster through the only exit  – the exhaust tailpipe -, making the engine to run healthier, faster and, thus, improving overall performance.


ceramic coating exhaust Honda Vt750

Ceramic Coating the Exhaust 

Ceramic coatings are most popular on headers, and less so on complete exhaust system piping due to additional cost. Although ceramic coating the exhaust manifold/headers exhaust piping of the rest of the exhaust system would always provide the best increase in horsepower, and better results. It is clear that this enhancement can be a bit costly for the power it returns however it does have additional advantages as well, even more important than power. Ceramic coating exhaust can reduce under hood temperatures and protect sensitive electrical parts. This will keep your engine bay cooler and safer because the excess heat will not affect the fuel lines within the engine bay as much. On a motorcycle, by ceramic coating exhaust will prevent of getting burnt on the pipes; it will mean that you won’t have to exhaust wrap the pipes and it will give a better looking finish to the bike’s looks.


The advantages to ceramic coatings are many, including a reduction of under hood temperatures, protecting against rust (and the elements on a motorbike) and increased component life. The only disadvantage is the investment you have to do in the first place, but as a long lasting solution, it will be the better choice. It is a solution that you won’t have to be re-doing time and time again (when compared with exhaust wraps), and it also provides better looks.

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