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Brake Caliper Coating

Why would you need a brake caliper coating? To improve the look of your car and to protect them against corrosion.
These are the benefits you can achieve from brake caliper coating.

Our coatings are not only suitable for exhaust manifolds and motorbike exhaust systems but we also for a wide range of brake calipers.
If your brake calipers are fading colours, look rusty or just need a refurbishment, we’re here to help you.

How do we coat your calipers?

Our process is very simple but efficient. We receive the brake calipers from you, we prepare the surface before applying our brake caliper paint and then they’re cured, inspected and dispatched to the customer. We can receive the brake caliper body in any condition: new (and if you’d like to change colours), used (to reapply a coating) or with colour fading away or even corroded (we will refurbish them to like new).

We need to receive the brake caliper completely disassembled – pistons and brake pads should be removed prior to send us the parts.
Just send us the outside body of the brake caliper.

Our brake caliper coating is a step up from powder coating, having a more resilient finish, protecting from corrosion and looking fresher than when they were new! Our technique along with our expertise secures an outstanding result.

What are the benefits of coating the calipers?

That’s the reason why the brake caliper coating is the best solution overall:

  • Great looks;
  • Unique colours;
  • Elements resistance;
  • Hot temperatures resistance.

We offer a Collection service from you for £15+VAT.
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Contact us to know more about how you can protect and increase the lifetime of your brake calipers.


Why Are We The Best?

You can choose between 12 different colours. Specific colours may be applied – contact us to discuss: anything is possible with Performance 1 Coatings.
Our Brake Caliper Coating will give a new meaning to your car/motorcycle aesthetics. Besides preventing corrosion and improve the brake caliper’s life, the caliper paint will make them look like brand new.
We are so proud of our ceramic coatings that we offer a 1-year warranty against defects.

Improved Looks

Our ceramic coatings will give your car/motorcycle a brand new life, and you can choose from a wide range of ceramic coating colours.

Refurbishing Brake Caliper Paint

The best tag along solution for a brand new set of wheels is a brake caliper refurbishment. With the new wheels, the brake caliper will be more visible and we can coat it to match the colour theme of your car.

Long lasting

Our ceramic coatings offer a long lasting lifetime. Once you apply it, there’s no need to re-do it.

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